Novandi Chemistry offers a comprehensive carbon-14, tritium and stable isotope labeling service and acts as a hub for regulatory and non-regulatory studies with radiolabeled compounds and drug candidates. The company offers customers a long-term responsibility for radioactive labeled substances through storage and continuous quality control. Thus, the company can guarantee high quality compounds and simplify the logistics of studies with radiolabeled compounds.

The company also offers a general chemistry support for nuclear medicine applications such as positron emission tomography, and consulting in isotope chemistry, radiation safety (beta radiation), radioligand development and radiopharmaceutical chemistry.

We operate a state of the art and fully equipped radiosynthetic and radioanalytical laboratory.

Interiör 1

Regular chemistry labs for synthesis development and stable isotope chemistry (left & middle). Quality control lab (right)

Interiör 2
Radiochemistry labs with negative pressure differential and separate ventilation system. Separate labs for carbon-14 (left) and tritium (middle). Open access analytical systems for synthesis monitoring (right).

Interiör 3
Dispensing station (left). Airlock between regular and radiochemistry lab (middle). A principal scientist at work (right).