THK-5117 is a novel patented Positron Emission Tomography (PET) radiotracer that has been developed by researchers at Tohoku University (Japan). THK-5117 labels neurofibrillary tangles/tau pathology with high selectivity and through an exclusive agreement with Clino Ltd (Japan), Novandi Chemistry can now offer tritium labelled [3H]THK-5117 to the scientific community.

PET imaging of neurofibrillary tangles is a potential method for early and accurate diagnosis of dementia, tracking disease progression and evaluating treatment efficacy of anti-tau drugs. Tritium labelled radioligands can be used in preclinical imaging and binding studies, which is valuable when e.g. validating PET imaging protocols.

[3H]THK-5117 is sold by Novandi Chemistry for non human use and is available off the shelf. [3H]THK-5117 is delivered by courier service and is accompanied with a certificate of analysis. For more information on this product please visit our home page at